Iftar Program for 1438 Hijri or 2018

Community-wide Iftars will be sponsored on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during Ramadan. Iftars are sponsored by various organizations and community members.

Iftar dates are still available, the sign-up sheet is on main entrance door on the first floor by the musallah.

Iftar Schedule: 
18 May Pakistan
21 May Sponsored
22 May Sponsored
24 May Sponsored
25 May Yemen
26 May Somalia
27 May Iraq
1 June Atteih Family
2 June Bangladesh
3 June Yemen
4 June Sponsored
5 June Sponsored
6 June Sponsored
7 June Sponsored
8 June Jabi Yarey Family
9 June Palestinian
10 June Sr. Sheela & Sr. Shaymoon
11 June Sponsored
12 June Athel Nabil