Social Events

We will be holding social events for converted Muslims, Non-Muslims and Newly Practicing Muslims at the Islamic Society of CNY. These socials are designed for them to interact with each other and make new friends within the Syracuse Muslim Community. These events are open to both brothers and sisters. Stay informed by signing up to our mailing list.

Beginner and Intermediate Class on Islam
Classes are open for registration and are completely free! These classes are meant to educate converted Muslims, non-Muslims and Born Muslims about the basics of what you need to know to practice Islam. Classes are for both brothers and sisters.

Free Beginners Class – TBA
Topics include Faith, Salah (prayer), Ablution, Fasting, Charity, Pilgrimage and Hadith
Register Here:

Free Intermediate Class – TBA
Topics include Stories of the Prophets, Ethics and Etiquettes of Islam, Seerah (Life of the Prophet) and explanation of select passages from the Qur’an.
Register Here:

Buddy System 
The Buddy System pairs new converts with one or more buddies that will be responsible to keep in touch with them over the phone and, if possible, meet them in person. We will try to pair them based on location proximity so that it is easy for volunteers to meet them.

If you are a Convert, Non-Muslim or Newly Practicing Muslim who would like to be assigned a buddy, please contact us.

Buddy system volunteers will not be expected to make large time commitments. At the very least, you would only be required to volunteer a few minutes every other week to make a single phone call. Insha’Allah you will be equally rewarded for their good deeds for helping them in their transition to the Islamic way of life.

Volunteers will also be given a short training session before being assigned.
Please sign up for volunteering here: TBA

Prophet Mohammed (SAAW) said: “Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.”  – Al-Bukhaari

New Muslim Packs
The masjid provides new Muslim packets that are gifted to new converts to Islam. New Muslim packets will include essentials such as a Quran, prayer mat, hijab, booklets on how to make wudu, prayer (salah) and reading about the five pillars of Islam. We are still in the process of collecting all the items to complete the packs, inshAllah the goal is to have them ready for distribution by the end of September.

Please contact us if you require one cnyislamicsociety@gmail.com