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Program: Sunday School
Grades: 1st – 12th

Welcome to Sunday School at the Islamic Society of CNY.  Our Sunday School  is committed to providing education in a caring, supportive and Islamic environment for the youth of our community. For full details regarding cost, see the attached registration form.

Sunday School focuses on Quran, Seerah, Hadith, Islamic ethics and moral values. Students receive instruction from teachers along with a series of text materials. Our teachers follow a lesson-planned curriculum from basic beliefs to stories of prophets.  The school also arranges social events for the children such as parties, field trips and year-end programs.

Sunday School requires full  commitment and focus by students. Although most of the work will be done in class, students and parents need to commit to making a full-time effort. We pray that Allah grants all of us Tawfiq in our efforts to make this program a success.

To enroll your child(ren) please fill out the registration form & bring it with you to the

Click link to download the registration form.
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The mission of Sunday School & other educational programming at ISCNY is to provide students with an environment that promotes Islamic values and learning. We are committed to constantly improving the quality of education youth receive at the ISCNY and we believe that communication is the key. We encourage you to approach the staff and administration about any questions or concerns you may have. Your support and continued feedback is integral to growing, improving and the ultimate success of the school.