Video Islamic Perspective on Free-will | Imam Mohammed Elfiki 

Recorded lecture and Q&A by ISCNY Imam Mohammed ElFiki about Predestination vs Free-will in Islam at Cornell MECA – Muslim Educational and Cultural Association.

This event is FREE and open to the community. 

As Muslims, when it comes to the choices we make–both good and bad–there is an innate understanding that we will be held accountable. We are told that we have the free-will to shape our lives the way we choose to, and how we choose to lead that very life will determine where we end up both in this life and the hereafter. And yet, we are also aware that Allah is the All-Knowing and the Best of Planners. Our time of birth was planned, the experiences, life, religion, and culture we were born into–all predestined. When we encounter grief, trauma, or witness horrific events in the Dunya around us–we claim it is due to Allah’s planning. But when we seek help, refuge, or forgiveness–we turn to Allah, once more, because we have faith that He will have something better planned for us. Cornell campus.

The constant clash between accepting what “is”, because many aspects of life are pre-determined, and the concept of free-will is a contradiction that constantly weighs on many Muslims. Why should we be held accountable for a life that isn’t under our sole control? Are we truly free? Is judgment fair? How much of this is true? What is pre-destined for us and what is actually in our hands? What exactly is the concept of predestination? Are we wrong to question this?

Come get all of these questions answered and ask your own at Imam Mohammed Elfiki’s talk and following Q&A session. Dinner will be served afterward in Loft III Willard Straight Hall.