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Friday | August 28 | FALAFEL FRIDAYS

The Youth Activities Counsel (Y.A.C.) kicked off Falafel Fridays July 31st, Al Hamdulillah it was a great success! Look for the Y.A.C. table to buy your Falafel Wrap & Soda this Friday. This is your chance to have some falawesome food and support ISCNY youth in their endeavor to raise funds for the numerous programs Y.A.C.  runs and for projects they would like to tackle in the future.

WHAT’S ON TFalafel FridayHE MENU
Falafel Wrap & Soda  – $5.00
Single Soda – $1.00
Chips – .75 cents

All proceeds go to Y.A.C. to support youth programming and initiatives.

*Falafel Friday is made possible in part by the generous donation of Ayman Alkornoz. Y.A.C. extends sincere thanks for his support of this fundraising endeavor.



This is a group that works hard AND plays hard. Y.A.C. events are tailored around youth interests and will include a range of social, educational, community service, and other activities. With your help & input, this group will become a safe space where youth are free to express yourselves, assume active roles in their own development, and form friendships with other youth in our community.

Age requirements (10+): All brothers and sisters who are 10 years old or above are welcome to join the youth group. This age requirement is in place as some topics, events, and goals may not be appropriate for younger children. We invite youth older than 18 to become involved with the youth group as youth leaders/mentors.

Youth Activities: FULL SCHEDULE HERE