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This feature is coordinated by The Post-Standard/Syracuse.com and InterFaith Works of CNY.

Contributor: Naima Barbour serves as Secretary for the Islamic Society of Central New York and is a volunteer at Rahma Clinic, a free health clinic in Syracuse, NY.


tumblr_o0z9cdHNzL1s02w24o1_500Contributor The week’s articles are written by members of the Mosque of Jesus, Son of Mary (Masjid Isa Ibn Maryam).




02.08.2016 | Daily Inspiration: Differences Bring Us Closer
02.09. 2016 | Daily Inspiration: Gratitude in Islam
02.10.2016 | Daily Inspiration: Being Good Neighbors
02.11.2016 | Daily Inspiration: Compassion & Mercy
02.12.2016 | Daily Inspiration: Honoring Other Faith Traditions
02.13.2016 | Daily Inspiration: Charitable Giving in Islam


Contributor Mohamed Khater is president of the Islamic Society of CNY and the Rahma Free Health Clinic. He is a member of the InterFaith Works Round Table of Faith Leaders.




01.10.2016 | Daily Inspiration: What is Islam
01.11.2016 | Daily Inspiration: What is Jihad
01.12.2016 | Daily Inspiration: What Does Islam Say About Terrorism
01.13.2016 | Daily Inspiration: What is the Moral System of Islam
01.14.2016 | Daily Inspiration: What is Sharia
01.15.2016 | Daily Inspiration: What is Worship in Islam
01.16.2016 | Daily Inspiration: Human Rights in Islam

Contributor Imam Khalil Abdulkhabir is the InterFaith Works’ Muslim Chaplain at the Onondaga County Correctional Facility and the Justice Center. He volunteers with the Onondaga County Reentry Task Force.





Contributor: Timur Saka is the director of Turkish Cultural Center of Syracuse and the event coordinator for Peace Islands Institute – Upstate New York.




Contributor: Safeta Cerimovic is President of the Women’s Auxiliary of the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. She came here as a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2000. Serving God and humanity is her primary goal in life.

02.07.2015 | Daily Inspiration: One in the Sight of God

06.14.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Reflections on Ramadan
06.15.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Seeking Forgiveness
06.16.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Retreat, Reflect, Contemplate
06.17. 2015 | Daily Inspiration: Good Deed Erases a Bad Deed
06.18. 2015 | Daily Inspiration: Relief from Distress
06.19.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Spiritual But Not Religious
06.20.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Empathy in Fasting

07.13.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Ramadan: Rich in Family Tradition
07.14.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Ramadan: Guests are Invited
07.15.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Fasting-An Interfaith Spiritual Practice
07.16.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Generosity, Forgiveness & Appreciation
07.17.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Nourishment for the Soul
07.18.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Fast, Pray & Celebrate

09.20.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Sacred Pilgrimages – Hajj & Yom Kippur
09.21.2015 | Daily Inspiration: Haj:An Emotional Journey

05.25.2014 | Daily Inspiration: The Rewards of Living By Faith
05.28.2014 | Daily Inspiration: Faith Welcomes New Americans
05.29. 2014 | Daily Inspiration: Thankfulness Strengthens Faith

07. 02.2014 | Daily Inspiration: Justice for Self & Others
07.03.2014 | Daily Inspiration: The Concept of Ehsan
07.04.2014 | Daily Inspiration: Human Dignity Affirmed

10.27.2014 | Daily Inspiration: Equal Rights for Men & Women in Islam
10.28.2014 | Daily Inspiration: High Status of Mothers in Islam
10.30.2014 | Daily Inspiration: Muslim Women as Wives

08.04.2013 | Daily InspirationL Eid Ul Fitr
08.07.2013 Daily Inspiration: A Month of Sincerity