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Saturdays | 8:00pm | Renew Your Life by Sheikh Mohammed Al Ghazali

Arabic Book ClubISCNY is pleased to announce the launch of a NEW BROTHER’S ARABIC BOOK CLUB. Anyone able to read and discuss the selected reading in Arabic is welcome!

Join us every Saturday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm in the men’s musallah for a lively discussion facilitated by Imam Mohammed ElFiki.  The first book up for discussion is “Renew Your Life” by Sheikh Mohammed Al Ghazali.

Each week book club members will have an opportunity to share their thoughts about the assigned reading.

Download the FREE pdf of the book in Arabic using the link below.
Download pdf  Renew Your Life 

The book can be purchased in English online here:

Purchase Book Here (islamicbookstore.com) or

Purchase Book Here (amazon.com)